The Top Ten (So Far)

One of my readers asked me to post occasionally about the top ten best places I’ve been to thus far. That struck me as a good idea, so now I’m doing it.

How’s that for a snappy introduction?

Anyway, here it is. For the record, I’m not including my mother’s burger, which undoubtedly is the best burger – in Los Angeles or in this circumstellar habitable zone. I’m not including it because you can’t just show up at my mom’s house and order a burger. Or like, you could, but she’d probably call the cops.

  1. In-N-Out Burger (93.00 / 100.00)
  2. Super Burger (90.00 / 100.00)
  3. The Flintridge Proper (88.70 / 100.00)
  4. Badmaash (88.10 / 100.00)
  5. Pie ‘N Burger (87.10 / 100.00)
  6. Cassell’s Hamburgers (84.80 / 100.00)
  7. Ashland Hill (83.60 / 100.00)
  8. The Escondite – the “Fat Albert” (83.40 / 100.00)
  9. Original Tommy’s (82.60 / 100.00)
  10. Meat District Co. (82.40 / 100.00)

Obviously, the composition of this list will change a lot over time. There’s something for which you can wait expectantly.

So that’s it for now, then. Okay.



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