Admittedly, this doesn’t have anything to do with burgers. But for a blog predicated upon an abiding affection for Los Angeles, it seemed apropos.

And lest I be accused of straying from the Project’s purpose, let me add that Los Angeles makes San Francisco’s burger scene look hopelessly sad and frail. Maybe even sadder and frailer than it actually is. Yes, I’ve had the Wes Burger and I’ve been to Nopa. No, neither is better than Umami (which you got from Los Angeles). Seriously, I’d have started The San Francisco Burger Project, but that would consist of posting one SFist article (minus Bourbon Steak) and a link to the In-N-Out website.

Also, shush about the Warriors already. Contrary to your foot-stomping insistence, a) they’re kind of actually from Oakland, and b) you didn’t cheer for them before 2013. And if we’re being really honest, you probably didn’t cheer for them before May of 2015.


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